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Law is a very broad and varied subject. You might want advice on writing a will, need help with a civil matter or seek the advice of a family or a criminal solicitor… the list goes on. To make matters more complicated, legal advice can be very costly which means people hesitate to seek the help that they need. This means they are not in possession of all the facts which could assist them in whatever legal matter they are involved in. Getting it wrong or going ahead on your own could have serious implications both legal and financial.

Expert-answers.com have a team of qualified and experienced legal professionals on hand to advise you on whatever legal matter you are dealing with. All you have to do is send them your question and await their reply.

All advice is completely confidential and FREE. Don’t get bogged down straight away with fees and appointments. See if one of our advisers can point you in the right direction first.

We have a team of lawyers ready to help you in minutes with any legal question. We are here to help you:

  • Protect your legal rights
  • Navigate the court system
  • Take the right next legal steps
  • Ensure accuracy of legal documents
  • Avoid high-priced law firms

A small mistake with a legal situation can cost you dearly. Don’t risk it by relying on unqualified advice or sifting through thousands of Google search pages on your own. When you can’t afford to be wrong, let our lawyers help you get it right.

Here To Help

We are a free UK wide service that is available 24/7. We are here to help you find out what your rights are and what your position is in law and how you can proceed.

What type of questions can your lawyers online answer?

We can offer advice in all areas of law including:

  • Divorce & Family Solicitors
  • Employment Solicitors
  • Business Law Advice
  • Property Law
  • Landlord and Tenancy
  • Wills and Inheritance
  • Motoring Laws
  • Consumer Laws
  • Criminal Law

How do I know the answer given online is correct?

Law is a complex area and open to interpretation. Many questions do not have a single definitive answer. Therefore, Expert answers can vary considerably.

Each solicitor will have their own way of dealing with a particular issue. This isn’t to say that one of them is incorrect. It’s just because the law has been interpreted and applied in a different way.

You are certainly free to ask several Experts on our website the same question to see whether the opinions are the same or whether they differ.


What can I get legal aid for?

If you are seeking advice about legal aid, here are the areas of law you may obtain it for:

  • Losing your home, or if it’s in serious disrepair
  • Protecting yourself or your child from abuse or harassment
  • Some types of clinical negligence
  • Poor quality care you or a family member are getting due to age, disability or special educational needs
  • Advice on finances, children or divorce if you’ve been in an abusive relationship
  • A child in your family is at risk of being taken into care
  • Family mediation
  • Discrimination
  • Challenging the way the government has made a decision about you
  • Seeking asylum or being the victim of human trafficking
  • Being arrested, charged or questioned by the police
  • Representation at a mental health tribunal or inquest
  • Appealing a decision made by the social security tribunal about your benefits to the Upper Tribunal, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court
  • You may be able to get legal aid in other exceptional cases

Legal Aid is constantly changing and we recommend taking a look at the appropriate Government website to see if you qualify, alternatively get in touch via live chat and we’ll do our best for you.

The Legal Experts on Expert-answers.com have years of experience, and are ready to take your question. This is a very easy way to get practical advice for FREE.

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